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Are you prepared to answer your patients' questions about medical cannabis?

With over 85% of Americans supporting legalizing medical cannabis and an increase of individuals 65 and older using medical cannabis, it’s inevitable that patients will begin asking their primary care doctors about its use and overall efficacy.  Are you prepared?

Generate detailed reports based on efficacy of treatments, dosages, medicinal cannabis profiles, timelines for improvement, and other filters compiled from our network.

Keep secure medical cannabis patient records and autofill all state required paperwork.

Keep your patients engaged and monitor their treatment via the auto-texting update feature and a free patient portal.

24/7 Customer support.

Keep up-to-date with the latest news and research regarding state regulations and medical cannabis.

Integrate Arfinn Med into your existing EMR to keep all your patients in one place.

Become a 'sense-maker' to your patients about medical cannabis efficacies.

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