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Data Migration and Mapping Functions

Data Migration and Mapping Functions

Medical software does not have a good reputation for user experience and intuitive design. It can seem like a full-time job just learning how to use these software solutions.  In fact, according to a study from Stanford Medicine, 74% of doctors responded that their EMR increased the number of hours they work every day and 71% say their EMRs lead to physician burnout.  With this information, coupled with the increase use of telehealth (another software to learn), it’s no wonder that providers and their staff are looking for alternatives to simplify their clinical software, while not sacrificing the quality of patient care.

At Arfinn Med, we believe that your clinical software should be easy to use, fast and allow you to spend more time focusing on patient care rather than data entry. This focus on intuitive software design is why we are the leading EMR for alternative medicine clinics including practices focusing on cannabis and cannabinoid medicine.  Despite this, we still hear from providers who wish to switch to our platform that they are concerned about migrating data from paper charts or from another system.  We at Arfinn Med decided to address this concern.

We are proud to release our new secure data mapping software and a team of employees to focus on data migration.  This new system will allow us to speed up the time it takes to switch patient data, while also not interrupting your current practice workflows. You will also be assigned a team member from Arfinn to help with extraction of any additional data such as attached files, appointments and/or consents.

If you are interested in learning more about our data migration protocol, please reach out to us at

Sincerely from quarantine,

The Arfinn Med Team

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