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Schedule appointments, create note templates, allow patients to update their treatment through a text message, and the best part...generate treatment, dosing, and efficacy reports for any patient demographic!

Actionable Reports/Insights

Generate and access data reports for any patient demographic based on de-identified outcomes to help inform your treatment practices and patient education.

EMR Services

Take advantage of our electronic medical records services to schedule appointments, monitor patient progress, create note templates and keep secure patient records.

Practice Management

Use our practice management tools to improve clinical workflows through online intake forms, a turnkey patient portal and telemedicine platform, and CRM components to increase patient retention.  

Benefits and Features:

Simple and easy to use; setup your account in 5 minutes.

Generate detailed reports based on efficacy of treatments, dosages, medicinal cannabis profiles, timelines for improvement, and other filters assimilated from our network.

Take advantage of our integrated telemedicine platform for patient consults.

Keep your patients engaged and monitor their treatment via the auto-texting update feature and a free patient portal.

Dedicated Customer support 24/7.

Save time by using our online patient intake and consent forms.

Keep up-to-date with the latest news and research regarding state regulations and medical cannabis.

Improve your practice's visibility by being featured in our Participating Physicians Directory.

"I am able to see what patients respond best to, and this allows me to provide options that may better suit each patient"

-Dr. Mark Hashim (Tampa, Florida)


Get Started

  1. Create your account by clicking the register button.
  2. Once you have registered, your information will be verified by a member of
    Arfinn within 24 hours.
  3. Once you've been verified, a member of our customer support team will contact you to help with integration.
  4. Add patients and generate reports to discover best practices regarding medical cannabis.