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No More No Shows

The healthcare industry loses more than $150 Billion a year to no-shows alone. Make sure your clinic is using the latest technology to reduce your no-show rates and immediately increase revenue.  

Omnichannel appointment reminders

Make sure patients are seeing appointment reminders and communications through email, text and phone calls.

Immediate rebooking communication

Easily send rebooking emails to quickly reschedule patients who accidentally missed their appointments.

Patient prepay incentives

Incentivize patients to prepay for their consultations with custom discounts based on paying prior to an appointment.

Data-driven insights

Identify patients who have a track-record of missed appointments and make sure they pay prior to the appointment.

Customize no-show policies

Easily create your own clinic no-show policies and have patients electronically sign them during the intake process.

Cancellation reason information

Understand why your patients are cancelling with our custom communication pipelines and make the necessary changes to reduce your no show percentage.

Rebooking just one patient per month will more than pay for the use of our platform.  We guarantee to reduce your no-show percentage within the first 3 weeks!