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We believe providers (and patients) need more credible data and outcomes with cannabis than currently exists.

Arfinn Med is a fully integrated and cannabis-specific platform that allows physicians to keep secure patient medical records while actively tracking patient outcomes.  We believe that the most successful treatment outcomes involve collaboration between medical professionals and patients.  It is this core belief that led us to engineer an easy to use platform that streamlines administrative tasks and fosters communication throughout a patient’s treatment.

Our leadership team is comprised of individuals with a wide array of experience within the healthcare and technology sectors.  We are dedicated to using technology responsibly to advance patient outcomes and increase access to knowledge through our many free educational components.  


James West:  Founder and CEO 

As a former academic coordinator for the City University of New York Research Foundation and Medgar Evers College, CEO and co-founder of Arfinn Med, James West, has extensive experience in adult education and professional training programming. James put this knowledge to good use when he noticed that there was a direct need for a new Electronic Medical Record system in the medical marijuana industry.